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   Hereby are presented some of the customers reviews 
on bProtected® 2003

"Hi Support, Thanks for a great program. My 10 years old son almost gave me a heart attack, all the time he was messing with my work related files and more than once he deleted important files. In my company we use bProtected so I decided to try it at home... It was one of my best decisions, thanks to your program I am safe and can smile again. Keep up the great work."
(Don Ringnes)

"My kids are great, but they can't keep away from my computer. All the time I didn't know if they use my computer without my authorization. Now with bProtected I know. It's amazing I have full control over my computer 24 by 7, no one can use the computer without my permission."
(David Blake)

"Hi support team, before I tried your bProtected software, I didn't know that there were so many intruders within my company. I have just found out that only during the last week my company's files have been violated both by internal and external hackers. Thanks a lot for an amazing product, I have never thought that a security solution for a large company, can be cheap and useful at the same time..."
(John Lee)

"My stuff members always wanted to know what I was working on, it was very annoying and I didn't know what to do. An old friend of mine is one of your customers and he recommended your program. I tried it out and it's amazing, thanks to your program there is NO chance that anyone will mess with my computer. "
(Ed Ponte)

"Thank you, now I can sleep at nights.  All the time I was worried about the possibility that one of my staff members would find out about my little private project... But now I don't have to worry any more, bProtected eliminated all my problems. I have just chosen the Hide Access option and all my private project files become invisible, AMAZING!!!"
(Albert Figgins)

 "All the time I had a bad feeling that someone was messing with my computer but I didn't know it for a fact. Now I know, bProtected solved the enigma; I have just chosen the Log Access option. It was my older brother that was looking for new exciting things."
(Tom Oreleviz)

 "AMAZING, what a program! bProtected hides files, denies access to my important files, gives me information on all the users that use my computer JUST GREAT. Finally I'm the boss of this computer and can let all my family use the computer without worry for the consequences. Thanks guys, YOU ARE THE BEST."
(Scott Payton)

"My lazy friend wanted to copy my semester final work, so I taught him a lesson... I used bProtected to hide it from him, now he is begging me for help. The funniest thing is that I had used the silent mode, so he doesn’t know that I use a security program and the semester work is on the computer. Thanks guys and thanks for handling my order on Sunday."
(Mark Hill)

 "I downloaded some XXX pictures from the Internet and I was afraid that my son would see them. I read about bProtected in a magazine and decided to try it out. I used the Hide Access option and made the files invisible for my son. Keep up the good work, you have a great program."
(Robert Penkert)

"I have a laptop and I use it for my master project. I lent my laptop to my girlfriend for a few hours without worrying that by accident she would change or delete something from my project. All thanks to bProtected it's great, it gives me peace of mind without the need to change anything. How do you do it, it's amazing."
(Paul Brown)

"bProtected changed my life, all the time there where important missing files on my computer, and I didn't know who was doing it and how to stop it. Your program saved me, I used the Log Access option, and it gave me information on the other users that were using my system, GREAT!!!"
(Ronald Sexton)

"I didn't want anyone to mess with my files, so I have installed your bProtected program. I tried the No Access option and it's working great, now no one can look at my files. I have tried a lot of security programs, but yours is definitely the best."
(Alex Van)

"Hi Support, thank you for your help with bProtected. How refreshing it is to get a quick assistance, and a friendly thoughtful person to deal with. bProtected has changed my life!!!, as we say here: Obrigado!"
(Nancy Jones)

 "First of all I would like to thank you for answering my support emails on the weekend. Please notify me for any new programs developed by your company, as I find bProtected extremely good and very easy to operate."
(Bob Moore)

"My wife thinks that she is a computer expert, whenever she uses my computer, she deletes something. I have installed bProtected and chosen the Read Only Access, and now she can't delete anything. Thanks guys, you developed a great program."
(Dirk Ursini)  


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