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Clasys Ltd. offers award-winning solutions to improve the way people use computers. 

We have been developing bProtected® product since 1995, an award-winning security software. bProtected® was produced due to intensive efforts to meet the needs of both companies and home users. The developing process was done cooperatively with companies and individuals from all over the world; we won more than 20 different awards for bProtected®.

In 1995 we had also started to develop EliteTyping® product an award-winning touch typing tutor cooperatively with school teachers, university lecturers and computer users from all over the world. EliteTyping® was chosen by PC-Magazine, FamilyPC, Computer Gaming World and ZDTV’s as one of the best five educational programs.

Moreover for the last two years we have been also developing Internet solutions. INTERNET Turbo® has been our first solution to handle the Internet slow connection; the program can accelerate your Internet performance up to 200%. People all over the world are using the award-winning revolutionary program and the reviews are amazing, it accelerates any Internet related software such as all browser/email programs, RealAudio, RealVideo, ICQ and many others... Moreover it also prevents an undesirable ISP disconnection. 

The popularity of iNTERNET Turbo®, bProtected® and EliteTyping® has amazingly increased during the last five years, people all over the world use them to improve their productivity.

Our clients include all kinds of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies, educational establishments to private individuals from all over the world.


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