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bProtected® is an AWARDS-WINNING security program which provides the security that you need without changing tBP Boxhe way you work. Once you enter your password, you will just continue to work as you used to do, a simple password is all it takes. bProtected® secures at the lowest operating system level using an advanced file based protection scheme that allows it to secure everything by preventing unauthorized access to resources and information stored in the computer. There are three main protection levels: completely hide files and folders, block any access to the files and folders and allow just read-only access to files and folders.
Satisfied Customers:

"My kids are great, but they can't keep away from my computer. All the time I didn't know if they use my computer without my authorization. Now with bProtected I know. It's amazing I have full control over my computer 24 by 7, no one can use the computer without my permission."

(David Blake)
"AMAZING, what a program! bProtected hides files, denies access to my important files, gives me information on all the users that use my computer JUST GREAT. Finally I'm the boss of this computer and can let all my family use the computer without worry for the consequences. Thanks guys, YOU ARE THE BEST."
(Scott Payton)
I downloaded some XXX pictures from the Internet and I was afraid that my son would see them. I read about bProtected in a magazine and decided to try it out. I used the Hide Access option and made the files invisible for my son. Keep up the good work, you have a great program."
(Robert Penkert)
"Hi support team, before I tried your bProtected software, I didn't know that there were so many intruders within my company. I have just found out that only during the last week my company's files have been violated both by internal and external hackers. Thanks a lot for an amazing product, I have never thought that a security solution for a large company, can be cheap and useful at the same time..."
(John Lee)


BP Main Screen

bProtected® has a very intuitive and simple to operate user interface, yet a very powerful one that lets any user novice to guru use the software in just a matter of seconds. It’s easy and simple to use, and provide the most effective protection.  Click for More Info

Supports multiple users protection profiles.
Enables to hide files and folders (users will not be able know that your files/folders even exist).
Enables read protection (the context of a file/folder is viewable but can’t be changed/deleted).
Enables lock protection (the file/folder is visible but can’t be executed/opened/deleted/viewed).
Easily protects many Windows resources, such as the Start Menu, Registry, Network, MS-Dos etc.
Drive Reformatting protection.
Allow "Stealth Mode" executing (users will not know that a security product was installed).
Build in protection for preventing install & uninstall of software..
Support all Windows versions. Click for More Info


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