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   Hereby are presented some of the customers reviews 
on iNTERNET Turbo® 2002 
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  "Last month my friend told me about your product and I didn’t believe 
   him, I thought that the program was a fake. I didn’t believe that a little 
   program could double my internet connection. Well I tried it and all 
   I can say now, is that THIS PROGRAM IS INCREDIBLE !!! 
  Now everyone in my office uses iNTERNET Turbo and in some 
computers the internet connection was boosted at 400% instead of 
200% as I had expected that to be. Keep up the great work. ” 
(Rocco B. Weiss) 

   "Your program is definitely a SuperB program. My results 
   are amazing. Netscape works twice better and my Outlook 
   downloads Email 4 times faster. When I downloaded it I  thought 
   that it would only affect my browser but I realized that all my Internet 
  programs were working better. Finally I can see RealTime video on 
   the net. ” 
(Michelle lucwida) 
   "Guys it's great! It really works, throughput is about 90% better. 
   Thank you very much. Special thanks to your support team which 
   was so patient with me  –  iNTERNET Turbo is a great program. “ 
(Vitali evans) 
  "The program is great. The user interface is very easy to operate. 
   Although I ’ m not a computer genius and it only took me 5 seconds 
to configure my computer. I used your automatic mode and all I had 
to do was to press one button. ” 
(Todd A. Canonico) 

   "This is amazing how do you do it, my internet connection speed 
    is twice faster than it used to be !!!  
    This is an outstanding application. ” 
(Tina Decoursey) 
   “ WOW, WOW and WOW this is all I can say. In the past I used 
   some boost programs but they didn’t help and by mistake I 
downloaded your program. Well it was the best mistake I have 
ever made, a week later I purchased it. 
   I always thought that my ISP sucked but now I realize that the 
problem was my computer. Thanks. ” 
(Monica claudiu) 

 “ This is unbelievable, I read an article about iNTERNET Turbo 
and chose to download it. It boosted my internet connection in 300% 
and it isn’t an exaggeration. All I can think about is, why I didn’t find 
it before, it would have saved me a lot of money and time… ” 
(lisa Gorbachoff) 
  “ Thank you very very much, now I can download some stuff from 
the net. I used to download at 1Kb/sec but with your program my 
download speed has increased to 3Kb/sec and sometime even to 
5-7Kb/sec. ” 
(Blair Fantana) 

 “ Finally !!!!!!! Finally I can play games on the internet. 
   I can do things that I have never done before, it ’ s really great. 
  In the past when I tried to download a file, the download speed 
   was very slow, now finally I can download stuff from the Internet. ” 
(Mark Solis) 
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