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Activities Report
Activities Report Screen: 

Activities Report enables the user to get
a report of all his/her drills and their scores.
Typing lessons mode, 10-keys Lessons 
mode, practices mode, free typing mode, 
your own creations mode and problematic 
characters mode. 

Your Own Creation
Create Your Own Practice Screen: 

EliteTyping® gives you the flexibility to create your own practices. 
For example creating a practice similar to the documents that you usually type, or creating a practice which deals with your personal interests. 
There is an option to copy text from a windows application program and paste it into the program. 

Typing Errors Screen
Typing Errors Screen: 

Using the Fingers´┐Ż Guide enable you 
to review the proper fingers for typing 
each key in the keyboard/keypad. 
Press any key and the guide hands 
will display the correct typing finger. 

Options Screen
Options Screen: 

These menu selections enable you 
to set EliteTyping® teaching style 
EliteTyping supports multiple users 
it can save separate program settings 
for each individual user of the program, 
on the same PC. 

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