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EliteTyping® is an AWARD-WINNING touch typing tutor software which teaches you touch typing in an easy, effective and amusing way.     
It saves a HUGE amount of hours trying to learn touch typing, and it is suitable for both adults and children. 
EliteTyping® is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who wishes to learn how to type quickly and effectively or just trying to improve his/her typing skills. It enables you to advance step by step according to your own personal pace, you are also offered a variety of exercises of different categories and also the opportunity of creating your own practices.    
EliteTyping® offers a report about all the user's drills and their scores, and also a typing errors report, about all the user's typing errors in each key. Moreover extensive graphing capabilities can show your typing progress in many different 3D graphs.    
EliteTyping® makes the learning process of touch typing amusing and enjoyable thus not damaging the effectiveness of learning. It Includes a full graphical user interface which is very intuitive and simple to operate.    
Supports multiple users.
Full graphical user interface which is very intuitive and simple to operate.
30 comprehensive keyboard lessons, for typists and computer users.
Comprehensive keypad lessons for cashiers, accountants and intensive numeric keypad users.
Each lesson practice includes single letters, words and full sentences drills.
An option to create lessons based on the user problematic characters.
The ability of choosing your skills improvement, which refers to accuracy or speed.
The user can get a report about all his/her drills and their scores.
The ability to practice free touch typing for maintaining and improving typing skills.
Detailed suggestions with ergonomic techniques on how to type the right way.
Each lesson includes a practice mode to improve acquired skills.
Comprehensive practice sessions.
An option of creating your own desired practice. 
The ability of using standard/transcribe typing practice.
The user gets a report about all his/her typing errors in each key.
You are the one who determines the level of the lesson.
Progress data is saved for each individual user, and 3D graphs and improvement statistics are displayed.
Extensive use of multimedia techniques to improve learning process effectiveness.
Satisfied Customers:
"It's a SuperB program. I enjoy using it, and it took me only 8 days to learn to type as a professional does."   
  (Bruce Brennan)
"Hey it's great! It took me only one week to triple my typing speed, and now I can type faster than my big brother who is a software engineer."   
  (Wayne Owens)
"The program is great. The lessons/practices are very stimulating and the students enjoy it very much. It definitely serves the purpose."   
  (Olliver Jenson)
"The truth is that we bought it for our 9 years old son but it was so efficient that we started using it too. Keep up the great work."   
  (Peter&Christine Wallis)


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