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Practices Screen
Practices Screen:

This setting determines the type of practice that you are interested in. You can select a practice type from numerous sources. 
We tried to make the practice as enjoyable as possible (names, proverbs, story jokes, right/left hand countries etc.)

10-Keys Lessons Screen
10-Keys Lessons Screen:

The 10-Keys Lessons mode contains 10 lessons, in which you will learn step by step how to type all the keypad keys. You will also learn how to perform rapidly numerical data entry- tasks, as required for the operating adding machines or cash registers. 

Typing Errors Screen
Typing Errors Screen:

Typing Errors supplies information regarding all the errors that were made. 
This options enables you to keep track on each key on the keyboard, while finding out the numbers of errors that were made.

Problematic Characters
Problematic Characters Screen:

EliteTyping® enables you the flexibility to create a practice based on chosen characters, which means that you choose characters and we creates a practice for you.This option has endless possibilities. 

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